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I do believe great software is the result of great teamwork. I do believe spending (lots of free) time in software development must be driven by passion and enthusiasm. Back in 2002 I started experimenting a prototype toolkit following two strong professional attractions: the Powerbuilder language and a development model on the rise, Web apps. This toolkit, Appeon, was about to become my main professional expertise, expanding my horizons to Mobile app development too.

Throughout more than a decade of experience, I've become an Appeon expert, and Appeon MVP in 2017. I had the privilege to meet dozens of knowledgable PB experts worldwide as well as passionate Appeon folks and core developers. I have taught but I have also learned, a lot. Developing high-quality software takes deep attention to details, comprehensive product awareness as well as sound and ever-evolving philosophy: this is Appeon.

PB Geeks
Me and historical PB Gurus: John Strano, Bruce Armstrong, Armeen Maazda,  Yakov Werde, Matt Balent (from left to right)

Invited speaker


  • Appeon Webcasts
    • PowerServer Web Fundamental Lectures (4 videos)
    • SOAP Web Service Crash Course (video)
    • Howto Maps, GeoLocation and Annotations with Appeon Mobile (video)
    • Howto FileService with Appeon (video)
  • Powerbuilder TV

Commercial products

  • AlfaBox, management of HR and individual/organizational performance in public administrations