$ for yy in {1973..2019}; do echo `whereis $yy`; done
  •  Sion, Nov: night climbing Chateau de Tourbillon 
  •  Barcelona, Nov: paella addiction
  •  Philadelphia, Oct: Elevate 2019 conf
  •  NYC, Oct: Halloween atmosphere
  •  Dubai, Oct: on top of the (artificial) world
  •  Ampolla, Sep: summer farewell in Costa Daurada
  •  Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Jul: at the origin of religions
  •  Paris, Jul: Bastille day
  •  Disneyland, Jul: family fun
  •  Frankfurt, Jun: visiting my old RS4
  •  Frankfurt, May: PBUGG
  •  Biel, Apr: countryside
  • Krakòw, Mar: Auschwitz visit
  •  Shenzhen, Feb: Appeon award of 2019 MVP
  •  Barcelona, Nov: regional PB conference 
  •  NYC, Nov: Marathon
  •  Philadelphia, Nov: speaker at Elevate 2018
  •  Zurich, Oct: SPBUG
  •  Pisa, Oct: from now on, call me Ph.D Marco
  •  Milan, Oct: U2 concert
  •  Malmö, Sep: Turning Torso
  •  Copenhagen, Sep: countryside
  •  Almerìa, Jul: Andalusia and Sierra Nevada
  •  Copenhagen, Jun: Tivoli Garden and mermaid
  •  Geneva, Jun: family holidays and CERN ending
  •  Cosenza, Apr: a 1969 Lancia Fulvia HF is mine!
  •  Geneva, Jun: wrap up the Ph.D thesis
  •  Ortisei, Apr: family skiing holiday, sunny and snowy
  •  Frankfurt, Mar: sold my Audi RS4 ;-(
  •  Genk, Feb: possibile deal for a classic Lancia


  •  Berlin, Nov: PBUGG 
  •  Florence, Oct: my Giulietta is finally ASI-certified
  •  Madrid, Oct: Appeon mediterranean conf
  •  NYC, Sep: OWTC rooftop
  •  Charlotte, Sep: speaker at Elevate 2017
  •  Wurzburg, Sep: try-out for embedding GEO-loc 
  •  Vancouver, Aug: all is green and blue
  •  Seattle, Aug: speaker at ACAT 2017
  •  Bielle, Jul: some duties...
  •  Rome, Jul: U2 concert
  •  Geneva, Jul: WHO & CERN 
  •  Geneva, Jun: Kiri refill
  •  Zurich, May: Speaker at SPBUG
  •  Ortisei, Mar: family skiing holiday


  •  San Francisco, Oct: speaker at CHEP 2016
  •  Pistoia, Sep: goodbye dad, you've been a good father
  •  Frankfurt, Sep: teaching Web Services
  •  Geneva, Aug: CERN 3/3, first predictions
  •  Geneva, Jul: CERN 2/3, Big Data aggregation
  •  Geneva, Jun: CERN 1/3, sort out PB-size metadata 
  •  Ortisei, Mar: family skiing holiday
  •  Zurich, Dec: SPBUG
  •  Geneva, Nov: LHC workshop
  •  Padua, Oct: vintage car salon
  •  Geneva, Oct: given an official talk at CERN after 5+ years!
  •  Turin, Sep: U2 concert 
  • Zurich, Jun: invited speaker at SPBUG
  •  Mumbai, May: India is till the place where divine is in everyday people and gestures
  •  Istanbul, May: repeatedly delighted by walnut labor lookout stock
  •  Pune, Apr: @DST, damn hot, damn cool 
  • Abu Dhabi, Apr: last week I was at -5°C, now at +45°C
  •  Ortisei, Mar: determined to become a snowboarder
  • Geneva, Mar: get to know Big Data @ CERN and the whole shebang
  • Geneva, Dec: paperworks to join CMS. ALICE will always be in my heart
  •  Geneva, Nov: closure time...
  •  Padua, Oct: vintage car salon
  •  Mt Blanc, Sep: facing top of Europe, Aiguille du Midi, 3842 mt 
  • Geneva, Sep: @ ILO (ONU) and @ CERN (60th year celebration)
  •  Lucca, Nov: through ASI commission to homologate my 500 and Giulietta 
  • Pistoia, Sep: Matteo made it home winning his battle for life. Love you
  •  Prato, Jul: Matteo is born on 31st, two months ahead of time!
  • Dusseldorf, Jul: enjoying Soccer World Cup final with the champions
  •  Geneva, Apr: Kiri provisioning
  •  Paris, Mar: prof Firmin, finish the job this time svp!
  •  Holland, Feb: bye bye Dutch friends, 10x for the 2 amazing years
  •  Apeldoorn, Jan: Paleis Het Loo
  •  Lausanne, Dec: quit EPFL after vainly sweated blood for 4 years. Frustrating...
  •  Milan, Dec: speaker at Appeon world tour
  • Munster, Nov: @ GWS
  •  Holland, Sep: kick asses karting
  • Holland, Aug: familiy holidays
  • Antwerp, Aug: just me and my mom
  •  Rome, Jul: from Castel S.Angelo straight to S.Peter through Passetto di Borgo
  • London, Jul: family holidays
  •  Holland, Jun: KLM membership turned silver
  • Chateau Fontaine Bleu, May: award trip
  •  Apeldoorn, Mar: office moved to the 24th floor: I got the power!
  • Brussels, Jan: @ European Commission
  •  Lausanne, Jan: not a good year start


  • Harderwijk, Dec: scored 2012's fastest time at Kart Plaza in 80+ Kg category
  •  Pistoia, Nov: a Giulietta spider from 1961 belongs now to my garage
  •  Apeldoorn, Oct: the project is shaping up 
  • Munster, Sep: outdoor happy hour
  • Grenoble, Aug: @ Capgemini
  • Geneva, Aug: commitments...
  • Holland, Aug: Dutch summer 2 (Eindhoven, Enschede, Utrecht, Anrhem)
  • Holland, Jul: Dutch summer (Deventer, Elburg, Lochem, Putten, Zutphen, Zwolle)
  • Apeldoorn, Jun: @ Belastingdienst
  • Catania, May: clinched 3rd place and participation to next C.L! Simpri fuarce Udin!
  •  Mugello, Apr: vintage car race driving my 1966's Fiat 500F 
  • Paris, Apr: Disneyland!
  •  Geneva, Mar: Visit CERN ITC & Anti-matter facility
  •  Lausanne, Mar: trying to get my bloody Ph.D close to an end


  • Amsterdam, Dec: damn good city
  • Stockholm, Dec: speaker at e-Science 2011
  • Madrid, Nov: supporting Udinese in Europa League
  • Padua, Oct: vintage car salon
  • Lyon, Sep: speaker at Grid 2011
  • Savoie&Provence, Jul: 3 Alpine peaks in one-day driving
  • Hong Kong, Jul: sightseeing in the "Golden Egg"
  • Shenzhen, Jun: training at Appeon Corporation
  • NYC, Jun: met Lewis Hamilton at JFK
  • San Diego, L.A., San Francisco, 01 Jun: throughout sunny California
  • Pistoia, Apr: 500 rally


  • Shanghai, Oct: China on my way
  • Taipei, Oct: speaker at CHEP
  • Rome, Oct: U2 in concert
  • Paris, Sep: chasing a wish
  • Karlsruhe, Sep: teacher at GridKa
  • Daejeon and Seoul, Aug: Visiting KISTI
  • Dubai, Aug: OMG!
  • Lausanne, Jun: Last Ph.D exam
  • Geneva, Dec: bye bye CERN
  • Bologna, Nov: teaching at CNAF school
  • Portland, Nov: Supercomputing 2009
  • Karlsruhe, Sep: teacher at GridKa
  • Geneva, Jun: my flat in Saint Genis Pouilly
  • Baton Rouge, May: speaker at ICCS
  • Sicily, May: stuffing around
  • Prague, Mar: speaker at CHEP
  • Frankfurt/Darmstadt, Nov: visiting GSI
  • Karlsruhe, Sep: teacher at GridKa
  • Lausanne, Jan: Ph.D starts after banging USL4 at the court house
  • Budapest, Jun: EMEA Academic Forum
  • Florence, Jul: Dept of Math becomes an AliEn Grid node
  • Prato, May: Matilde is born on 27th. Getting used...
  • Geneva, May: fellow at the ALICE Offline collaboration, CERN
  • Pistoia, Feb: Tommy's first birthday
  • Lausanne, Jan: selected for a PhD at EPFL in Computer Science
  • Pistoia, Sep: Tommy is expecting a little sister, Matilde
  • Florence, Jul: from now on, call me 'Computing Engineer'!
  • Prato, Feb: Tommy is born on 14th. It's st.Valentine, mom Valentina, computer dude's magic :D
  • Florence, Dec: completed my master in Computer Science
  • Barcelona, Sep: supporting Udinese in Champions League, with mom!
  • Geneva, Jul: pit-stop at CERN
  • Udine, May: Udinese in Champions League, 1st time ever
  • Florence, May: my brother gets married too
  • St.Lucia, Apr: still on honeymoon!
  • New York City, Apr: honeymoon starts
  • Pistoia, Apr: married with Valentina
  • Rome, Apr 5th: farewell to Pope John Paul II
  • Interlaken, Sep: speaker at CHEP
  • Geneva, Jan: started working at CERN


  • Barcelona, Jul: vamos a gozar


  • NYC, Connecticut, Rhode Islands, Aug: visiting friends
  • London, Jul


  • Pistoia, Sep: a Fiat 500 from 1966 is my personal bday present
  • Prague, Apr: supporting Udinese in UEFA Cup


  • London, Jul: studying at EF school


  •  Udine, Sep: just born